You might be surprised to know that I actually agree with much of that.

the current system (with a massive state offering special favours, licences, subsidies etc)…is cronyism

…The rich spend millions lobbying governments for special favours and they get them. They get protection from competition, special assistance, lucrative contracts, and bail outs when their plans fail.

True! And it’s not good.

cronyism, the social democracy that you favour so much.

…when you rail against the inequality of our current system, you are actually criticizing the very system you promoting.

Not true. I agree that special interests often can and do capture state regulators, etc., and that’s bad. But that’s not the same thing as social-democracy, and that’s not what I’m advocating. Social democracy doesn’t mean more state regulation per se, it just means more progressive taxation to fund measures to support the poor and make sure everyone has a decent standard of living, including quality education and healthcare.

From where? The university of the United States?


2018 winner of the Dalton Camp Award for essay-writing. M.A. Political Science. I'll go to the mat for the Oxford comma.

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