Source: Films for Action

Saving the Political Left From Itself

At the worst possible moment, elitism and social-justice warriors are undermining the credibility of progressive politics.

Source: Democratic Underground
Source: Best Animations

Changing of the Guard

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Highballs and Hypocrites

When celebrities cheer for social justice while draped in jewelry and designer dresses worth more than a public-university education, it’s tough to take them seriously.

Hey hey! Ho ho! Sanity has got to go!

If the political issue that gets you marching in the street, as a progressive activist, is demanding equal rights for trans people to participate in waging America’s endless wars, you’re asking the wrong question.

PC Principle is here to save the day. Source: Giphy

The Courage to Listen

A Gift to the Right

A Better Way

2018 winner of the Dalton Camp Award for essay-writing. M.A. Political Science. I'll go to the mat for the Oxford comma.

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