Haha, thanks Sarah. I think I deserve better than that, too. The fact that I cited one logical point he made shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that I subscribe to his worldview — I don’t. (It’s like how, even though I can admit that I like ~3 Justin Bieber songs, I still don’t like him or his other music. I simply try to give credit where I believe it’s due.) Although I think Peterson means well, and is often treated unfairly in the media, I suspect he may also be struggling with some inner demons that lead him to adopt a rather harsh outlook. I also agree with you that it’s dangerous how the retrograde, misogynist alt-right gulps his stuff down, whether or not that was his intention.

I appreciate your constructive comment. Now that you know where I stand, I hope you’ll be able to enjoy reading the rest of my essay, and judge each argument on its own merit.

2018 winner of the Dalton Camp Award for essay-writing. M.A. Political Science. I'll go to the mat for the Oxford comma.

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