A Short Guide to Watching Political Debates

Get out your rubber boots, because the mud is going to fly

Credit: Atdhe Mulla/Prishtina Insight

Take It Seriously — But Not Too Seriously

Civil Disengagement

A Flawed Electoral System

How gerrymandering works

Credit: Washington Post

Character Matters, But Issues Matter More

Reflect on What Is Left Unsaid and Who Is Left Unheard

Total speaking time during first Democratic debate of 2019. Credit: New York TImes
Source: Twitter
Source: Mueller Report Volume II, p. 8.

Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it.

— Jonathan Swift

Rediscovering Real Debate

2018 winner of the Dalton Camp Award for essay-writing. M.A. Political Science. I'll go to the mat for the Oxford comma.

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