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Where are you right now?

That question is deeper than it sounds, and a great deal turns on the reply given. Most inhabitants of the Americas know that the modern-day countries on these two continents began as European settler colonies. Far fewer are aware, beyond some casual trivia, of the…

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America and the world are, at long last, rid of Donald Trump the President. His nepotistic family and venal associates, whose litany of improprieties runs longer than the golf course on which Mr. Trump was informed of his defeat, have been similarly cast out, at least for now.

The same…

Someday, some poor bastard grinding away for minimum wage will be burdened with the thankless task of etching a commemoration into Donald Trump’s epitaph. The most charitable thing I can imagine it saying goes something like this:

Here rests the body of Donald John Trump. …

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Excuse me, that’s political “debates,” because very little genuine debate ever takes place at these events. It’s more of an opportunity for politicians to utter carefully rehearsed, focus-group-tested slogans. The things they say could usually fit on a bumper-sticker. Listen for emotive words and phrases designed to get the people…

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Scientific reports can be downright impenetrable. If you’d like to learn about the science of climate change without wading through pages of jargon, check out my other article.

Imagine you have a large aquarium in your house filled with twenty-five rare, exotic fish from around the world. They are your prized possessions, and they’re virtually irreplaceable. Each fish is worth $1000.

One day, you notice that the tank has cracked and sprung a small leak. More like a…

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“This campaign is not about politics,” Jason Kenney declared gallantly to kick off his United Conservative Party’s (UCP) 2019 Alberta election campaign. “It’s about people.”

Good one. If he wants to live in a land without politics, he should move to Narnia. But he knows that already.

Mr. Kenney’s holier-than-thou…

If your dreams of military glory don’t pan out, there’s always live action role playing. Source: PBS

The United States has as many guns as it has people. That’s roughly 40 percent of the world’s firearms for about 4.5 percent of the world’s population. It’s no secret that America is packing heat. The secret is who owns it — and why.

Just 3 percent of adults own…

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